Developing a sustainability mind-set at Bore Place: a reflection by CCCU student Danielle Osajivbe-Williams

Bore Place house

I recently travelled to Bore Place along with other staff and students with an interest in sustainability. It was a very enlightening experience. I went wanting to learn more about sustainability and what it meant and was pleased to get that and so much more from the experience.

The countryside air was refreshing and stirred up nostalgic memories of my time spent living in Barbados as a child. I could really feel a greater sense of wellbeing and I can see why young people with mental illness also utilise the space.

Technology was sparse with little to no signal so I couldn’t text away or aimlessly scroll through my newsfeed on Facebook, but that didn’t faze me at all which is a rarity if I’m honest. I didn’t even need my music playing to help me get ready in the morning!

All of this could be put down to the endless activities which were fun as well as stimulating and thought provoking. You’d be surprised what creative activities like creating an ideal university out of Lego and milk bottle caps can do for probing ideas and discussions about sustainability.

All in all I came back feeling revitalised and aware of connections, not only between people and the natural world, but also issues in sustainability (social, environmental, political, economic are the main ones that come to mind).


Photos (copyright) taken by CCCU student Lewis Groom


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