The Red Tent by guest blogger, CCCU student Jade Barker

On arrival at the student house one housemate said to me rather sarcastically, “It is great if you want to live in a tent”. But this red yurt was so much more than just a tent. It had a front door, was insulated with sheep skin and was a breadth of 20ft across. The circular structure of the yurt and the window at the roof was a refreshing alternative to four walls. The view from below was a beautiful tree that dominated the garden; or on a clear night a blanket of stars. Perhaps my housemate was rather peeved with paying £20 a week more for her box room sitting on top of a busy road.

red yurt 1

During the long winter that crept though spring, and a few long stormy nights, living outdoors did have a few disadvantages but I am hardier for it. Sharing my room with a secret snail that eat my drawings and spiders that only revealed themselves at night was my main concern! It was my first year in student accommodation and sharing a house with four others was a bit daunting. I like my early nights and early rises. The mornings were always so peaceful. The yurt was the perfect balance of student living. I could opt out and return to my retreat down the end of the garden when the worst of 90’s pop music was blaring indoors.

red yurt 2


One comment

  1. That’s a wonderful blogpost and approach, to living in a Yurt outdoors, Jade. I know what you mean by getting hardier, enduring the change of temperature, while being closer to the elements of nature. Even when your papers show glistening trails 🙂

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