Commuter by Scooter: Pedal power the easy way by guest blogger Philippa Mills

 My Micro Scooter makes my commuter life easier:

How? You ask…

micro scooter

  •  My lightweight, folding micro scooter fits into the passenger area with me on my commute to work while I car share to Wincheap and then scoot/walk across Canterbury to Old Sessions using the cycle routes.
  • The travel time is reduced to between 2/3rds  and 1/2 of the normal time.
  • It provides some exercise for those of us doing sedentary jobs.
  • It can fold and fit into a tight corner on the shuttle bus to Augustine House or beyond, and is handy for post run, must do for the Old Sessions staff or simply get around campus fast.
  • It gives me freedom of mobility

The special bonus for me is mobility, having developed a foot condition that makes it painful to walk much, having the scooter means I can get around without pain.

I recommend people try it. The only downside is that you need to keep avoid deep cracks on surfaces as the wheels are small.

Philippa and her micro-scooter


One comment

  1. Great that more people are using Scooters to commute on!

    I’ve recently been using mine for long distances, but mainly for exercise purposes (as well as the enjoyment).

    Using a GPS sensor, I’ve been able to get just past 20mph, so they do have some speed when you need it.

    Have a look at the ones with bigger wheels if you can as they really help with speed and comfort, plus you don’t have to be as concerned with smaller imperfections on the ground.

    I’ve been using a Micro Flex with 145mm wheels. There’s also one made specially for commuting with 200mm wheels. That one has a very low deck to reduce leg strain, but the deck itself can catch on imperfectons. You can also look into different bearings to increase speed or reduce the work load. These tend to be sold in sets of 8, whereas you only need 4, so try and split a pack if you can. Even the cheap bearings can be a marked improvement over the originals though, so are worth the investment.

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