Ground Force DVD & book SWISH with homemade cake

the Ground Force SWISH ladiesOn the 14th of February, the Green Impact team based at Augustine House hosted a DVD & book SWISH.

SWISH DVDs and books

Over 25 members of staff, mainly based at Augustine House, took part by bringing in items to swap in the days before. Depending on how many items were donated (up to a maximum of 5) participants were given a tag that entitled them to as many DVDs & books back again. There was some time before the SWISH officially started to browse the items. The tags were pulled out of a hat (well, techically it was a large mug) so each person had their turn.

Jolene reads out SWISH numbers

As well as DVDs and books, there were a few delicious home made cakes… These were made available for a donation, which raised £17 for Catching Lives, a Canterbury-based homelessness charity.


This Go Green Week afternoon event was great fun and we hope you will join us for the next SWISH! Please keep an eye out on our Grapevine+ blog for announcements.




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