Next week is People and Planet’s Go Green Week!

It is almost the middle of February and the CCCU sustainability development team have some exciting news about pro-environmental happenings across the University. Just like the small signs of spring we can see around our campuses – the sprouts of green from daffodil and crocus bulbs meticulously planted by the Grounds staff alongside some keen green students and staff, that tend our planters and allotment (email if you would like to adopt one) – now is the time for numerous sustainability initiatives to burst into life.

Planters June

  • Futures Initiative (FI) Reading Group –  12.30-1.30pm 13th February in Nf.01

This new reading and debate group will commence on Wednesday (the 13th). The chapter that will be discussed is chapter two of ‘Sustainable Education, Re-visioning Learning and Change’ by Stephen Sterling. The chapter, entitled ‘Education and Learning in Change’, is available in PDF format – please contact

Come on, drop in, bring lunch…

  • SCN with Faith&Film screen ‘Avatar’ (2009) 1.30pm 13th February main Powell lecture theatre

Join us for this incredible film, specially screened for Go Green Week!

  • Augustine House’s ‘Ground Force’ Green Impact team SWISH for DVDs, books and accessories – 12-2pm 14th February 2nd floor Augustine House

The idea is that unwanted books, DVDs and accessories (clothes too!) can be swapped for items that the swapper prefers –  if you bring one item, you can swap for one, two items swap for two and so on. If you don’t see anything you like, then you will be donating your unwanted gifts to Catching Lives charity. Email for more information

Cakes and biscuits made by Green Impact team members will be there for the eating, so if you don’t mind some sweet treats, you don’t have to forfeit your lunch to get involved!

  • BE SEEN WEARING GREEN – all campuses, all day Friday 15th of February

For the second year running, Canterbury Christ Church University Staff and Students will be showing their commitment to pro-environmental and sustainability efforts by wearing an item of green clothing, a scarf, brooch, pair of socks or even a whole outfit of green! This event will take place all day, as part of the People & Planet ‘Go Green Week’ day of action.

Join us on Friday the 15th of February as we aim to showcase how many staff and students are doing their bit for the planet, supporting CCCU’s sustainability commitments. Tell your colleagues, friends and BE SEEN WEARING GREEN!

Let’s make an even bigger impact than last year, and make a bold GREEN visual statement of how taking care of our University, the city of Canterbury and the whole planet really matters to us.

GGW 2012 041

This is a photo from last years event. We’ll all be showing our colours on the 15th, but the question is: will you Be Seen Wearing Green?


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