It’s all a load of rubbish, isn’t it?

Two members of the Sustainability Team went with a representative of our new waste contractor (we’re just changing over to a new company, with a Zero Waste To Landfill policy!) to visit some waste sorting sites and see what was done with our waste and recycling. The first site we visited was a waste transfer site, and in this one warehouse was around 150 tonnes of waste!


And this was just a way-station, where local vehicles come to unload so that the waste can be pre-sorted before it gets transported out to bigger sorting sites. When we went to the main sorting site, we got to take a look at some very clever machines that sort and pack recycling, but a huge proportion of the sorting still has to be done by hand.


And there are some things we throw out that are much much harder to recycle. On a high-output day, this sorting station packs and sends out as many as 35 24-tonne crates to recycle or reclaim energy from. That’s a massive 840 tonnes of recycling per day, just from this one site.

Makes you think about just how much we’re throwing away, doesn’t it?




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