Hard rain’s a-gonna fall…

by guest blogger Peter Truss of the UCF Greenies Green Impact team, Folkestone

The UCF Greenies have been watching the Hard Rain DVD recently and my turn came around. I was a little sceptical with expectations of “Oh dear, another guilt trip.” I am pretty eco-friendly; I recycle, I have almost never flown (not entirely by choice!), and I walk to work. However, generally have a cynical view of the possibility of widespread and lasting change occurring in Government policy and society in general. So I settled down at my desk with my defences up for a shock video, but I was pleasantly surprised as it was really interesting and cleverly put together, with a brilliant set of photos. Fans of Bob Dylan will enjoy it even more, I cannot say I will be buying any of his music, but it fits the theme perfectly. The pictures move from the tragic and moving, to the more humorous, but each one is thought provoking and highlights the impact across the world now, not just drawing attention to future crises and how they will impact our own little part of the world. Ultimately, the purpose of the film is to make you think about what you can do, which it certainly achieved in my case. From photos of abandoned tractors showing the need for careful use of aid rather than as a sticking plaster which makes us feel better about our lifestyle, to more shocking ones reminding us about the extent of poverty and suffering that exists, challenging just how easy it is to make our day to day choices without due thought until the next TV campaign. As the DVD and accompanying book say, what is needed is wide spread and lasting change, while a DVD cannot achieve that, it leaves you with the challenge, how will we respond?

Hard Rain Experiment

If you’d like to take part in the Hard Rain experiment by borrowing a copy, watching it, and then passing it on — get in touch at sustainability(at)canterbury(dot)ac(dot)uk

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