SWISH at the Craft Fair: a Ground Force Green Impact team initiative


Have you an item of clothing that still has plenty of life in it, but you never wear it? Perhaps you loved it in the shop but somehow it just wasn’t quite right when you got it home… Do you like the idea of findng a new accessory or perhaps a hat for the imminent Christmas parties, but are notkeen on the same old things as are in the shops?

Well, if so, the Augustine House Green Impact team NEED YOU!

As part of the Craft Fair from 12-2pm on the 28th of November, Georgie the Dragon and Ground Force are asking for your clothing donations. You bring the items in the day before (on the 27th), receive a tag (if you bring 2 items, they tag will say ‘2’, if its 4 items it will say ‘4’ etc. up to 5 items per person) and for half an hour before the SWISH officially opens you will be able to browse all of the items that have been brought along by the participants.

Then, when the SWISH starts you can nab the clothing that takes your fancy!

Any items left unclaimed will be donated to ‘Catching Lives’ charity: http://www.catchinglives.org/about-us/

Please email Yasmin.Ghandour@canterbury.ac.uk for more information.

Also, read more about ‘swishing’ at this website: http://swishing.com/



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