SCN Film-club: films with a message to society

In November 2011 we launched the Sustainability Champion’s Network film-club at CCCU.

The first screening was of the heart-wrenching and inspiring documentary called ‘The Pipe’ by Director Risteard O’Domhnaill (2010). This is a film about the Corrib Gas Pipe project and the effect that it is having on the local community. The SCN film-club members gathered in the main lecture theatre in the Powell building. We were all moved by the amazing actions of the local farmers, fisherman and other residents of the small town of Rossport in North West Ireland, as they stood up against the might of the Oil Corporation ‘Shell’. Their ‘Shell to Sea’ campaign continues…

’Shell to Hell’ logo

After this launch, the SCN Film-club screened a number of other documentaries – such as ‘No Impact Man’ (2009), ‘Just Do It’ (2011) and ‘Food Inc.’ (2008) and feature films – including ‘Erin Brockovich’ (2000), ‘Into The Wild’ (2007) and ‘The Road’ (2009).

To return to the theme of local activism, in light of the UK Government giving the go ahead for preliminary digging to take place in Kent into the possibility of it being lucrative to ‘frack’ for natural gas, we thought it was a good idea to organise a screening of Josh Fox’s ‘Gasland’ (2010). This film is a spectacular investigation into the botched style of natural gas removal across the USA.

The screening of ‘Gasland’ was attended by several members of the anti-fracking group, based in Deal, called ‘Deal With It – frack off!’ as well as by a local councillor from the town of Sandwich, and a member of the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE). The latter gave a fascinating introduction to fracking and what it would mean for ALL of us living in Kent where it to begin as a full-blown commercial operation.

We watched the film then had a lively debate afterwards, during which we talked about the massive demand we make for supply of energy, due to our current lifestyles. We are all responsible for the resultant often irreversible environmental destruction that comes from hauling finite resources out of the earth.

Join us on Wednesday the 3rd of October at 6.15pm to watch ‘The Age of Stupid’ (2009) and again on Wednesday the 17th of October (also at 6.15pm) to watch ‘The Corporation’ (2003). Both films will get you riled up and ready to do your little bit (or perhaps more than that) to make the world a better place!

Screening in Pf.06 at 6.15pm on Wednesday the 3rd of October

Screening in Pf.06 at 6.15pm on Wednesday the 17th of October


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