Meet the new SU Ethical and Environmental Officer!

My name is Abigail James, I am entering my third year of studying Biosciences at CCCU and am thrilled to have been recently elected as the Ethical and Environmental Officer of the Students’ Union. I am looking forward to working closely with the University’s Sustainability team to ensure our institution maintains its worthy place in the UK’s top 25% of universities and colleges for environmental performance; through helping with on-going projects and organising events of my own.

During my time in this role I would like to invigorate ‘recycling’ a concept I believe has turned stale as of late. I propose a ‘Make-do-and-mend’ approach, reminiscent of the thrifty spirit of World War II; as a keen seamstress and craftswoman I intend to organise workshops in which old can become new – easing strain on the humble student budget, but most importantly easing negative impact on the environment.

I am very excited for the year ahead and being a part of an increasingly environmentally-friendly and sustainable university.


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