Meet the Augustine House Green Team!

by guest blogger, Jolene, of the AH Green Team

Well the Augustine House green team took the green theme and we went back to nature…

…by obtaining and filing planters!


We have been lucky enough to have a fine crop of helpers in AH.  So many people have contributed by bringing in seeds and plants that we have been able to designated one of planters as floral and one as edibles.

Having a planter means that we will all be able to reap the benefits of nature; whether it is eating a fresh tomato, smelling the sweet peas, looking at the flowers or watching the butterflies and bees sampling our goodies.


Having a communal planter means that we are all able to reap the benefits of nature, without doing ALL of the hard work.  In real terms it means that these planters will get the same care as my houseplants (which I will freely admit, involves minimal effort). Maintaining the planters between a group of you means that if each of us puts in a bit of time once a week, whether this is pulling up a couple of weeds or tying up some stragglers, then we can keep our garden growing well and looking good.

We are proud of our planter success and hope that others will be too.


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