Green Impact Results: the grass is growing!

Once again, thanks and a big CONGRATULATIONS to all those Green Impact teams that took part for this session 2011/12. It is wonderful to work with so many inspiring individuals, all pulling together to make our University more pro-environmental. The sustainability quest is greatly strengthened by you, the members of the Sustainability Champion’s Network.

The Results:

Working Towards Bronze

Securely Sustainable, the Security & Sustainability Bungalow

The Green Team, Christ Church Students Union


Green Lean Fighting Machine, CCCU Sports Centre

Hall Place Hippies, Hall Place

Broadstairs Green Rangers, Broadstairs Reception Area & Campus Administrator Offices

EcoChaplaincy, Chaplaincy & Chapel at Anselm

Lady Wootton’s Green & Erasmus, English & Language Studies

Geographical & Life Sciences, Somerville & Hepworth

Green Media, Powell & Erasmus


Go Green Rochester Team, Rochester House

Ground Force, Augustine House Ground Floor

GreenPsycho, Laud & Psychology Department

Salomons Environmental, Salomons Campus

HWF Skills Labs, St Paul’s House

Medway Team, Medway Campus

UCF Team, University Centre Folkestone Campus

Labs Tab

HWF Skills Labs, St Paul’s House

Medway Campus


Geographical & Life Sciences: GOLD WINNER


Green Media: for high points obtained

Lady Wootton’s Green & Erasmus, English & Language Studies: ‘Office Depot Innovation’

HWF Skills Labs at St Paul’s House & Medway: ‘Best Energy Saving Idea’

– Our 6 Environmental Heroes: Ana Fernandez, Vanessa Neupauer (GreenPsycho); Keith Smith (Green Lean Fighting Machine); and Peter Beeley, Susan Malpass & Tony Flanagan (Salomons Environmental)

Salomons Environmental & UCF Team for both scoring more than 450 points in their Green Impact workbook – EXCELLENT EFFORT

The Green Impact project continues over the summer, and next year for the 2012/13 session it would be great to see more teams sign up to get involved…

Please help spread the word to friends and colleagues, tell them of your positive experiences in being a Sustainability Champion, so this grassroots project can reach other buildings & departments.


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