Hello world!


We have a new blog to keep you up to date on all that’s happening in the sustainability world at CCCU.

However, since we’ve already been at it for a couple of months, here’s what has happened so far:

If you’re in uni accommodation, you should either have encountered already, or will soon encounter our Student Accommodation Environmental Champions coming round to all the households to make sure you have all the info on energy saving and recycling that you need and feeding back information on faults and ideas that you have. You can pop over to the ‘Contact Us’ page to see who they are: https://blackboard.canterbury.ac.uk/bin/common/course.pl?course_id=_3318_1 (unfortunately, if you’re not on our blackboard, you won’t be able to see this page – but you *will* be able to see them in our new newsletter (see below).)

We’ve been working our way around all of the campuses to try and see how we can improve integration of resources and projects across the whole university – and along the way we’ve been gathering a bank of photographs which you will start to see featured in our publicity, on our online pages* and in our newsletter**.

* Speaking of which, if you haven’t already – check out our vastly expanding online presence! We’re on Twitter: @CCCUSCN, we’ve a facebook user group and a page (please ‘like’ us to show your support) both under CCCU Sustainability and we have a Blackboard set up for anyone with a university email account – just drop me a message at sustainability@canterbury.ac.uk if you’d like to be on it – we’ll also be working on updating the university’s sustainability pages over the coming months, but there’s already a lot of useful information there: www.canterbury.ac.uk/sustainability

** Regarding the newsletter – this is another way we’re hoping to keep you updated on our progress, and to spotlight features and projects and events around the campuses that you might not know about, and recognise the achievements of a lot of unsung heroes. We’re going to go paperless – and make the publication available online and via email to our staff and student networks.

We’re working closely with the Student Union to give our Go Green Week Campaign a big push in the spring, and arrangements are already underway for what should be an awesome week with something for everyone.

On a projects front, our Sustainability Film Club has already kicked off and we’ve got an ever growing wishlist from you of documentaries and movies that you think we should be showing! (If you’ve not heard about this and want more information, contact Lucy Brown on sustainability@canterbury.ac.uk)

One or two of you asked about allotment projects and composting – we’re trying to find out what the situation on these are at present, and will get back to you as soon as we can!

Some of you also asked about tree planting and gardening possibilities – we’re trying to organise a project on that front too, which may or may not be made a part of Go Green Week – so we’ll keep you posted.

Several of you were asking about recycling facilities on campus – our new Accommodation Champions should be helping you with info on recycling stuff whilst at home, and if you didn’t already know, all the outside bins (though they’re not labelled) are recycling bins – so anything you put in those DOES get recycled!

We think that the bins, both outside and in the buildings, could do with clearer, better labelling so you know what goes where – and you seem to agree! If you’ve got any ideas of what would make signage clearer or more understandable – please do email your ideas to sustainability@canterbury.ac.uk – we’d love to hear from you!

Our Green Impact teams are kicking off their work now, and Lucy is working hard to try and support and recruit more – so if you think there’s more that your department could be doing to help save energy and recycle more, drop us a line and get involved!

Likewise – if you’ve got a plan for a project you’d like to run, or a campaign you think we should be supporting, or an issue that needs addressing – again, drop us an email and let us know. Alternatively – you can now come and visit the team! We’ve moved onto the main campus, to the bungalow just inside of Gate 4, by Anselm, so you can pop in for a chat to discuss ways you can get involved.

In the meantime, roll on Winter!

Felicity Ravenwood,
your very own Sustainability Engagement Officer


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